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Mobile Emergency Operations Center

AMT’s Emergency Operations Center offers the ultimate in information gathering.


AMT’s Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) is built from the agile Mid-Size SUV platform for a low-profile and functional approach. With completely self-sufficient mobile power and a communications network that can be deployed anywhere, multiband radios and wireless or satellite network connectivity keeps emergency responders connected and on mission.

With a modular build, Mobile Emergency Operations Centers are designed to allow easy access to components and accessories to facilitate operations and maintenance. Geared towards both Mission Critical Disaster response and First Responders, AMT’s Emergency Operations Centers provide an unprecedented capability to gather information while in transit and relay it back to headquarters in real time.


Mobile Command Vehicles are extremely specialized by nature and a majority of these are sold through our Premier Business Network. With a laser-sharp focus and decades of experience in law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency response, and sUAS at the local and federal levels, AMT’s program experts bring your project to life with the latest and most relevant technology available. You can also expect custom packages, ongoing support, and training to keep your assets fresh and relevant.

Need a contract path for your next command and control vehicle?  No worries, they have you covered there as well.

  • EXCLUSIVE MVP-E™​​Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Systems​​
  • 3-8KW Power Systems​​
  • ENG / DSNG / IPNG Capable​​
  • Ergonomic Interior Workspace​
  • Rack Ready (specific to chassis) up to 36RU​
  • Custom Console​s
  • Storage Shelving​
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • 2 – 5 Passenger Capacity
  • Low Profile Design
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Heavy Duty Suspension Kit​​
  • Exterior LED Scene Lights
  • Supports Masts up to 42′

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When you need to be on the air from anywhere, your mobile broadcast equipment is your lifeline. AMT designs and builds mobile communication vehicles with easy-to-use system integration that gets new-age tech on the streets. Built by broadcast engineers — we understand the mission.

Drone Piloting Stations

Command Vehicles are equipped with multiple monitors to act as Drone Pilot Stations, multiviewers for drone streams, and outside video — all monitored inside the platform. Maps, video displays and telemetry can all be projected onto several screens simultaneously. Give us the details for your ultimate layout in the “Other Requests” section. 


AMT offers roof-mounted awnings on all command and outreach vehicles. Give us your desired specifications in the “Other Requests” section. Available options include: Single-side, dual-side, manual or power extension, and custom graphics.

AV Comm Systems

Audio Video and Comms systems are designed to link all of the technology you have selected in your new command center into an intuitive, easy-to-understand design that anyone can operate. Let our experienced engineering team design a system tailored to your exact needs. 

Direct TV

National or nomadic command centers often need to monitor satellite television and cable channels. Monitor The Weather Channel, CNN, MSNBC or FOX to keep up to date with what is happening in the area of a crisis. These next generation small format DSS Antennas are suitable for any command center. 

Off Air Monitoring

Monitoring over-the-air broadcast signals can often assist in managing a local crisis. This option is so inexpensive, no command center should be without the capability. 

Mobile Radar Systems

Radar systems can be used for many purposes from high resolution image detection to weather monitoring. Whatever your application, we have the technology to detect and protect

Drone Detector Systems

Drones are becoming more compact, faster, harder to detect and more durable. Many can fly long distances and carry heavy payloads, and are quite easy to operate, which poses safety and security risks to nearly every type of environment. Working with leading manufacturers like Fortem Technologies and our channel partner FLYMOTION, we can pair you with a drone detection system to meet your needs. 

Optical Thermal Cameras

AMT offers both optical, thermal and combination cameras from leading vendors like FLIR and RuggedCam to provide critical night vision in the most demanding applications. Talk to your AMT rep about your specific needs. 

Rear Mounted Pull-Out Monitor

Pull-Out Monitor

(Rear Mounted)

Looking for convenient storage combined with on-the-job functionality? AMT fabricates easy fold/ pull-out sliders for rear-displays. Display maps, data, drone downlinks or simply monitor local broadcasts without losing the ability to store grip gear! 

Rear Camera Storage Locker


(Rear Storage)

Storage shelving options are as limitless and unique as your departments requirements, but a popular option is our storage locker. We can install customized lockers in the rear of your MEOC for safe equipment storage. Give us the specs in the other requests section. 

Mobile Emergency Operations Vehicles

Graphics Allowance

Whether it’s brand recognition or municipal logos, AMT’s experience with graphic customizations are as varied as the nation’s departments. Sometimes being subtle isn’t the mission — ask us about our ghost graphic packages! 

Mobile Emergency Operations Vehicles

Rear Workstation

(Custom or TruckVault)

Highly customizable rear storage options are available in all MEOC platforms. Whether using a standard TruckVault or needing something more custom, AMT has solutions that can house deployable monitors, digital smart boards, video distribution, radios, drone equipment and weapon storage. Speak to your AMT rep for more details. 

Raised Roof Interior

Raised Roof

(For Enhanced Edit Room)

Add Enhanced operations capabilities by literally “blowing-the-roof” off your MEOC Platform. AMT’s award winning, certified raised roof conversion can house 2.5x the normal rack units and adds additional overhead headroom for tall operators to operate ergonomically… making SUV’s feel like vehicles twice their size. 

Custom Dash Consoles

AMT’s center consoles re-define what is possible in a vehicle designed for on-the-move operation. Camera controls, video switchers, audio track mic with level control, multiviewers, and IFB are all at the operators fingertips. The entire truck can be controlled without ever leaving the drivers seat! 

Weather Station

Weather Station

Collect ultrasonic meteorological data on the go with AMT’s integrated roof-mounted mobile weather station. We use systems from Columbia Weather Systems and Airmar for instantaneous, on-site weather data

Road Temperature Sensor - High Sierra Electronics

Road Temp Sensor

Keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the mission — real-time surface and air temperatures show on an in-cab display unit with an integrated road temperature sensor. High Sierra’s Mobile Surface Sentinel is a MUST for any application in a Snow/Ice belt. 

POV Cameras

POV Cameras

High-end and high-definition, AMT uses low-profile lipstick cameras for our integrated point-of-view cameras. Available in both internal and external applications, we have the tech to monitor the situation from every angle.

Vehicle Telematic System

Telematic System

Hook up your command and operations platform with telematic systems to organize your fleet. Remote site visibility, equipment monitoring, improved workflow, and video-based safety features can all be integrated into your build.

IP / DSNG Satellite

IP / DSNG Satellite

Cover all the bases: As great as cellular bandwidth is, IP satellite ensures you maintain signal continuity in areas of variable or non-existent cell coverage. AMT offers all manners of Ku and Ka Band services including Starlink to keep you connected. Nothing is more reliable than satellite! 

ENG Microwave

ENG Microwave

When cellular bonding isn’t the whole answer, AMT has the transmission mode for the job! Often Microwave is essential for tactical comms utilizing point-to-point receive towers and/or the ability to downlink aerial drones or helicopters. We support all major brands of Microwave systems. Microwave offers uncontested bandwidth to get the signal delivered — reliably. Our MEOC platforms are able to support up to 42′ masts and expert integration is our number one priority. 

CNG Cellular Bonding


(Cellular Bonding)

AMT’s Cellular Bonding packages provide the industry with the most portable transmission methods at the most competitive price. Offering packages from Dejero and LiveU, we can connect you to the internet and give you the ability to establish bi-directional communications and unprecedented data speeds. Let us pair a system to your precise needs.

Rear Cargo Partition

Safely store your essential broadcast equipment in the rear compartment of your vehicle with the added security of our rear cargo partitions. AMT’s installation and fabrication specialists professionally install certified heavy-duty cargo screens and window guards.

Exterior ECP Panel

Exterior Connector Panel

Exterior Connector Panels (ECP) are integrated into the space formerly occupied by the rear glass. This approach limits body penetrations, eliminates corrosion issues and allows “full-size news van” levels exterior connectivity. All panels are engineered to your specific needs.

Custom Storage

Custom Storage

Storage shelving options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements, but we have some industry-favorites to share with you too. We’ll work with you to meet your needs — make your specific inquiries or list out your requirements in the “other requests” section.

Custom Wheels and Tires

Custom Wheels & Tires

You’ve selected what your vehicle NEEDS — now what does it DESERVE? AMT has almost limitless cosmetic customization options, including state-of-the-art custom rim and tire options.

Interior Window Guards

Interior Window Guards

Keep your crew safe and on-mission with added security from our interior window guards. AMT’s installation and fabrication specialists professionally install certified heavy-duty cargo screens and window guards.

Custom Bumpers

Custom Bumpers

(Front or Back)

Whether for protection, utility, or cosmetic design, at AMT we flex our engineering capabilities in all aspects of vehicle modification and integration — including custom bumpers (front or back).

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars

The story is out there…but can you see it? News can take you to dark regions of storm damage or down dark streets where hazards can be everywhere. Light up the night sky with AMT’s fully customizable LED light bars.

Ergonomic Interior Workspace

Ergonomic Interior Workspace

Spacious and comfortable is never last priority when designing the ultimate on-the-go editing station. AMT provides your team with proper support and clearance to get the job done — comfortably.

Wireless Camera

Wireless Camera

Set Yourself Free! Transmit and receive HD 4K video from up to 3000′ away with the the latest innovation in 4K wireless transmitter and receiver technologies from Teradek and Wave Central. All kits feature AMT’s exclusive High Gain Antenna Packages for maximum range and flexibility. 2GHz, 5.8GHz or 6.4-6.5GHz COFDM Premium systems available.

News Van

Camera Storage Locker

(rear or main compartment)

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements… but a popular option is our camera storage locker. We’ll install customized lockers in your News Truck for safe equipment storage (give us the specs in the “other requests” section).

Storage Options

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements. Custom Cabinets and Shelving can be adapted to provide secure equipment storage and supplies. Clutter inside the work area or rear storage area is a thing of the past. Talk to your AMT representative about your needs. We have literally hundreds of options available.

Full Length Roof Deck

You have the need — we have the fabrication capabilities! Full-length roof decks create space for roof-mounted transmission equipment, weather stations, sensors, cameras, lights, solar panels, and more.

Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights

Safety is always priority one! News is often reported in hazardous environments, and it’s tempting to be more focused on the story than on the perils of passing vehicles. Our integrated strobe lights warn oncoming traffic that your crew is stopped on the roadside. No truck should be without them.

Roof Mounted PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera

Keep your eye on the sky and your team on the mission with roof mounted cameras able to pan, tilt, and zoom on the scene. AMT provides complete user-friendly integrations for all your visual needs.

Heavy Duty Suspension Kit

Suspension Kit

AMT offers custom exterior modifications that raise the overall height of the vehicle, providing additional undercarriage clearance and heavy-duty suspension support. A heavy duty suspension/lift kit will allow your build to navigate over the toughest terrain to get the job done from anywhere (request a specific height in the other requests section).