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When you need to be on the air from anywhere, your mobile broadcast equipment is your lifeline. AMT designs and builds mobile communication vehicles with easy-to-use system integration that gets new-age tech on the streets. Built by broadcast engineers — we understand the mission.

News Van

Camera Storage Locker

(rear or main compartment)

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements… but a popular option is our camera storage locker. We’ll install customized lockers in your News Truck for safe equipment storage (give us the specs in the “other requests” section).

Storage Options

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements. Custom Cabinets and Shelving can be adapted to provide secure equipment storage and supplies. Clutter inside the work area or rear storage area is a thing of the past. Talk to your AMT representative about your needs. We have literally hundreds of options available.