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Our experts and complete in-house facilities create cutting edge technology that keeps your mission at the forefront of success.

Engineering CapabIlities That Go Beyond Convention

In-House Engineering Capabilities

Unlike many of our competitors, we proudly present total in-house engineering capabilities for the ultimate in broadcast engineering and vehicle design services. Together with a complete design staff of mechanical, electrical, RF, and base band engineers, we provide you with the very best system engineers and vehicle designers in the business! From start to finish, our team is equipped to assist you with everything you need. From vehicle integration and maintenance support, to a custom build we work closely with you to create your ideal vehicle. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

Start your build with our experienced engineers.

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In-House Specialists
Two Campuses for Complete In-House Engineering

At AMT, all facets of the design and construction process are done in-house. But we are so much more than a simple one-stop shop – we are a complete headquarters to launch your mission. Spanning two campuses with nearly 200,000 square feet of purpose-built manufacturing, you can depend on us for everything your vehicle needs. While other manufacturers outsource a significant portion of the vehicle design and fabrication, we provide an entire team of experts that do it all! This allows us to have complete control over the process from start to finish. Thus, you save time from having to shop around. But most importantly, you get the the very best customized products with engineering and design services that are personal.

Having assembled an extensive team of experts and facilities to meet your every need, our engineering capabilities are limitless. Just as technology is always changing, our company grows right along with it. But unlike many companies who have grown big and impersonal, we strive for individualized connection with you and a core understanding of your needs. In truth, you are more than a number to our business – you are a vital part of our industry!

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Engineering & Design Services - experts in the industry
Experts In the Industry for Over 50 Years

Our engineering capabilities go beyond mere knowledge – we put it into action! At Accelerated Media Technologies, we provide a solid foundation of industry experience. As a front-running custom communications vehicle manufacturer for over 50 years, our team combines decades of experience. Together, we cover all the details necessary to fulfill your broadcast and service vehicle needs.

To begin with, each of our system engineers have held senior roles at major broadcast stations for many years. In addition to our extensive experience, we constantly strive to learn and evolve with technology as it grows. Plus, we back this up with specific certifications from all the major vehicle manufacturers, including Ford QVM, GM Master Coach, and Sprinter Upfitter programs. Not only is our team is fully equipped to lead you through the process from start to finish, we provide personal vehicle & system service to support your team throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. In other words, you can rely on us to get you ready to roll because we’ve been there and understand the mission.

Cutting Edge Tech At The Push Of A Button

At AMT, we know that technology can be confusing, and so we strive to keep it as simple as the push of a button. Our engineering and design services mean that a team of experts stands ready to lead you from initial concept to detailed design, provide operational training on the vehicle, and support you and your team throughout the lifespan of the vehicle. Using cutting edge parametric technology design programs such as AutoCAD, CATIA, and SOLIDWORKS, we provide highly detailed drawings for mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems. And we explain the details to you every step of the way.

We specialize in highly customized communication vehicles, including broadcast and command vehicles. Plus, we offer speciality vehicles, including bomb/EOD vehicles, SWAT trucks, and mobile crime labs. Because of our extensive in-house capabilities, we also build custom aluminum bodies, modifications, custom cabinetry, and power system integration. When it comes to RF systems, our in-house system engineers install, test, and document the performance of satellite systems, base band audio/video systems, and communication electronics. Additionally, we adhere to MIL-HDBK-419 for grounding, bonding, and shielding of our electronic equipment.

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When you need to be on the air from anywhere, your mobile broadcast equipment is your lifeline. AMT designs and builds mobile communication vehicles with easy-to-use system integration that gets new-age tech on the streets. Built by broadcast engineers — we understand the mission.

News Van

Camera Storage Locker

(rear or main compartment)

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements… but a popular option is our camera storage locker. We’ll install customized lockers in your News Truck for safe equipment storage (give us the specs in the “other requests” section).

Storage Options

Storage options are as limitless and unique as your station’s requirements. Custom Cabinets and Shelving can be adapted to provide secure equipment storage and supplies. Clutter inside the work area or rear storage area is a thing of the past. Talk to your AMT representative about your needs. We have literally hundreds of options available.