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Cabot Specialty Vehicles: Capabilities

Accelerated Media provides a wide range of engineering capabilities and experience including Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and HVAC engineering. AMT vehicles and systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with applicable Military, Federal, ISO, and Industry Specifications, Standards and Regulations to provide you with the most technically advanced, ruggedized vehicles available anywhere today.

We are one of the few companies that have total in-house engineering capabilities including a complete design staff of mechanical, electrical, RF and base band engineers, system engineers and vehicle designers. Each of our systems engineers have held the position of Chief Engineer at a leading broadcast station for many years. While other manufacturers outsource a significant portion of the vehicle design and fabrication, at AMT all facets of the design and construction are done in-house where we have complete control of the process and quality. This includes building custom aluminum bodies, modifications, custom cabinetry, and power system integration. When it comes to RF systems our in-house staff of systems engineers, install, test and document the performance of Satellite systems, base band audio/video systems and communication electronics and we adhere to MIL-HDBK- 419 for grounding, bonding and shielding of our electronic equipment.

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